Digital Solutions in Throat Cancer - Engaging the Patient
12 Jul 2019

This is the fourth interim report from our current project on digital solutions in oncology engaging the patient. More details about the project can be found here.

Through this work, we aim to share results based on our engagement with different stakeholders via our dedicated LinkedIn group. This group is open to all who are interested in this area of research and in contributing to the project.

With regards to throat cancer, we have reviewed digital solutions that are focused on throat cancer patients. From the solutions gathered so far, interestingly fewer solutions were found compared to those related to breast, prostate or lung cancers. These solutions were covered in previous blogs and can be accessed via the links below:

Similarly to lung cancer solutions, the digital solutions highlighted in this report are offered through mobile applications. Below is the provisional list of these digital solutions and their developing organization. 

These digital solutions primarily provide patient education about throat cancer and only one of these applications addresses the additional topics listed below:

  • Patient assistance (tracking and organizing symptoms, tests, medications, and appointments)
  • Patient-reported outcomes

Overall, the purpose of this report is to promote further discussions on the topic of throat cancer and other digital solutions in oncology. Therefore, we would appreciate feedback about more solutions that could enrich our findings and help take this project forward. You are welcome to bring forward your comments by joining the LinkedIn group.