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29 Jan 2019

This blog is to provide a brief background to the coming webinar by Dr Kristian Kidholm about the topic “H

17 Oct 2017

Synergus’ analysis included the 10 latest HTA reports by different national and regional HTA bodies in Sweden.

09 Feb 2017

HTA plays an increasingly important role for Medical Device and IVD companies. Below is a summary of the HTA Dynamics during 2016, followed by the same data for 2015.

31 May 2016

We have recently reviewed the number of HTA reports regarding imaging modalities. We can see somewhat of a reduction during 2015 compared to 2014. The trend for the first 4 months of 2016 would indicate an increase compared to the year before. Subscribe to our HTA services to stay on top of what is happening:

30 May 2016

There are many aspects that are changing with the introduction of the new 137h process to assess the benefit of the new innovations coming to market. We will provide more information about all of these changes in a webinar in a few weeks.