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Synergus RWE develop and execute Market Access and RWE strategies for Western Europe.

Evidence for decisions

Synergus RWE supports in the development and execution of European evidence strategies. 


Real World Data Sources

We have developed a proprietary database with RWD sources and methods to identify and assess where you can find the right data to answer the question of interest. We have more than 400 data-sets in our data-base.

my-RWE : The disease specific insights

We have developed a framework of how to develop a disease specific framework for the RWE research to optimize transparent outcomes that will be accepted by decision makers.


RWE analysis

We help you execute the RWE analysis through our experts.




Securing market access

Synergus RWE supports in the development and execution of European market access strategies.


Market Access

Our business is to help you find the most optimal way to establish the desired market uptake in your countries of target. In this process we can provide services throughout the life cycle, starting with the development of the market access strategy to the execution of either health economic evidence or changing the reimbursement system

Evidence strategy

Analyzing evidence requirements for technology and contributing to evidence generation strategy. Strategy includes perspective of key stakeholders: reimbursement / HTA authorities, clinical societies, medical community and competitors

Systematic reviews

Developing and publishing results of state-of-art systematic literature reviews and meta-analysis.

Reimbursement country overviews

Comprehensive overview of reimbursement systems in European countries in the report format. 

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