Digital solutions in Oncology engaging the patient - Interim report about prostate cancer
18 Jun 2019

This is the first interim report from our current project about digital solutions in oncology engaging the patient. You can read more about the project here:

If you go to the interactive visualization below, you will get an overview of all the digital solutions we have identified so far, including links to each company.

In our work, we will share early results and engage with different stakeholders and companies to get additional insights, please join the linkedin group if you are interested in the project:

These are the digital companies/solutions we have found in prostate cancer:

  • CPC Risk Calculator (Daman P/S)
  • itsaMANTHING (PROSTaid)
  • My prostate Cancer Coach
  • NED
  • Prostate Cancer Calculator (Borinfer LLC)
  • Prostate Cancer Treatment (creative live apps)
  • Prostmate
  • Rotterdam Prostate Cancer Risk
  • TrueNTH
  • ProstateCheck (Stiftung Prostatakrebsforschung)

The main uses of the reported solutions are patient education, patient assistance, community support for patients, early detection and risk calculation, and patient reported outcomes.

Are you aware of any other solutions that we should incorporate? If so, please join the linkedin group to share your insight (see above).

In our analysis of the area we identified these publications relating to the topic:

  • “Digital Health Application for Real-Time Patient-Reported Outcomes during Prostate Radiotherapy. | Journal of Clinical Oncology”
  • Sundberg et al., “Early Detection and Management of Symptoms Using an Interactive Smartphone Application (Interaktor) during Radiotherapy for Prostate Cancer”
  • Pereira-Azevedo and Venderbos, “EHealth and MHealth in Prostate Cancer Detection and Active Surveillance,” February 2018
  • Pereira-Azevedo and Venderbos, “EHealth and MHealth in Prostate Cancer Detection and Active Surveillance,” February 2018’
  • Belarmino et al., “Feasibility of a Mobile Health Application To Monitor Recovery and Patient-Reported Outcomes after Robot-Assisted Radical Prostatectomy”
  • Rincon et al., “Mobile Phone Apps for Quality of Life and Well-Being Assessment in Breast and Prostate Cancer Patients”
  • De Nunzio et al., “Mobile Phone Apps for the Prediction of Prostate Cancer”; Christiansen, “Patient Experiences and the Influence on Health Literacy and Self-Care Using MHealth to Manage Symptoms during Radiotherapy for Prostate Cancer.”

Did we miss any essential publications about the topic?