Digital Solutions in Lung Cancer - Engaging the Patient
08 Jul 2019
This is the third interim report from our current project about digital solutions in oncology engaging the patient. You can read more about the project here
Through this work, we will continue to share early results by engaging with different stakeholders and companies who can provide additional insights. Should you be interested in the project and would like to  participate in the discussion, please join the LinkedIn Group.
To date, this project has involved reviewing digital solutions launched by different organizations that offer services specifically to lung cancer patients. Noteworthy, these solutions are considerably fewer than those available for breast or prostate cancer which were addressed in the first two reports (see Breast Cancer blog and Prostate Cancer blog). It is also interesting to note that majority of the companies that are developing lung cancer solutions are mostly located in USA.
With regards to the solutions that were found, they are all offered through mobile applications. Below is the provisional list of digital solutions (and the organizations developing them) that have been identified and included in our report.

The above-mentioned solutions provide a wide spectrum of services directly to patients and are mainly focused on meeting certain needs such as:

  • Patient education
  • Patient assistance (tracking and organizing symptoms, tests, medications, and appointments)
  • Patient-reported outcomes

However, fewer apps focus on addressing the following purposes:

  • Predicting / Risk calculator / Early detection · Oncology telemedicine (seeking healthcare remotely)
  • Clinical trial recruitment
  • Community support for cancer patients

This brings us to the end of this report which aims to promote further discussions around the topic by receiving feedback on our findings. Therefore, if there are additional opinions that could take this project forward by including more digital solutions, please do not hesitate to share them with us via the LinkedIn Group