Digital solutions in Oncology engaging the patient - Interim report about breast cancer
26 Jun 2019

This is the second interim report from our current project about digital solutions in oncology engaging the patient. You can read more about the project here: 

In our work, we will share early results and engage with different stakeholders and companies to get additional insights, please join the LinkedIn group if you are interested in the project:

We have searched the digital solutions that offer services to breast cancer patients specifically, they are launched by companies or organizations.

The majority of these solutions are mobile applications. This is the provisional list for the digital solutions we f.ound and included in our report (go to interactive report at the end for links to the solutions)

  • BECCA - Breast Cancer Support (Breast Cancer Care)
  • Boobytrapp - The Breast Cancer App (Boobytrapp)
  • Breast Cancer Diagnosis Guide
  • Breast Cancer Kent Patient App (Interactive Studios)
  • Breast Cancer Manager (@Point of Care)
  • Breast Cancer Reference (Look It Up 4 Me Inc)
  • Breast Cancer Support (MyHealthTeams)
  • Breast Cancer Survivor (Portable Medical Technology Ltd)
  • Cancer Therapy Advisor
  • CancerSupportSource
  • CareZone
  • CaringBridge
  • Check Yourself
  • ClinTrial Refer Breast Cancer (Haematology Clinical Research Network NSW)
  • DearMamma fights breast cancer (seracom GmbH)
  • iCANcer
  • My Breast Cancer Advocate (Patricia Dean Escoto)
  • Outcomes4me
  • OWise breast cancer (Px HealthCare)
  • Signs & Symptoms Breast Cancer (Built by Doctors World Ltd)
  • Triple Negative Breast Cancer (Kognito)

These products provide a wide spectrum of services for the patients.

  • Patient assistance (tracking and organizing symptoms, tests, medications, and appointments).
  • Patient education.
  • Patient reported outcomes.
  • Predicting /Risk calculator/Early detection.
  • Psychological therapy support for cancer patients.
  • Lifestyle coaching.
  • oncology telemedicine (seeking healthcare remotely).
  • patient advocacy.
  • Clinical trial recruitment.
  • Community support for cancer patients

We are keen to provoke discussions around the topic and receive feedback about the findings.

If you have any thoughts that could take this project forward or any digital solutions that we did not include, please share them with us (LinkedIn group).