Swedish Real-World data sources – National registries
08 Sep 2022

Swedish Real-World data sources – National registries

This is the first blogpost in a series about the available Real-World Data sets in Sweden focusing on the national registries.

Seamless linkage is essential

To understand the value of these registries, a critical component is the utility of a unique identifier (personal identity number) that gives seamless linkage across national registries and other data-sets  1.

Multiple datasets are frequently used in research

This is reflected in the frequent utility of linkage between different data-sets where research about the utilisation of the prescribed registry frequently is linked to other data-sets 2.

Table of key-data sets

Below is a summary of the key national registries, including the starting year, demonstrating the longitudinal richness. Each registry includes one or more references to publications that provide further information about the dataset. In most instances, these data-sets cover 100% of the population.



Start (year)

Prescribed drug registry 2,3

All prescribed drugs from pharmacy.


National Patient Registry 4

All healthcare events in hospital.

1987 (1964*)

Cost per patient5

Cost data by care episode in hospital.


Total population registry 6

Life events including birth, death, name change, marital status, family relationships and migration

1991 (17th century*)

Military conscription register 7

Medical data from conscription.


Cause of Death registry 8


1911 (1749*)

Cancer registry 9,9–13



Medical Birth registry 14–16



The longitudinal integrated database for health insurance and labour market studies (LISA) 17

Socioeconomic data including sick leave, income, education etc


The Swedish Multi-generation registry 18



The Swedish Twin registry19



*= Not complete coverage



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