Swedish drug registry – Data since 2005 and perfect linkage to other datasets
13 Apr 2024

Sweden established the Prescribed drug registry was established July 2005, covering the whole Swedish population. (1) Through the personal identity number(2) it can be seamlessly linked to  other data sets:

  • The more than 100 Diseae / Intervention registries. (3)
  • The national patient registry including all out-/inpatient events. (4)
  • Cancer registry (5)
  • Cause of death registry (6)
  • Socioeoconomic data (7)
  • And more..

During the first 10 years, there were more than 300 publications based on this data(8). In a study from 2016 (9), Wallerstedt et al conclude “In the present study, we show that drug effectiveness studies, based on register data collected in a non-interventional  setting, can contribute, but seldom do, to new knowledge on intended beneficial drug effects.”

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