Solutions to fight the COVID-19 pandemic
20 Mar 2020

Thank you to all of you who have contacted us after our post yesterday and provided more information about different type of solutions.

We have added several new companies to the analysis. The current priority in our analysis is solutions that are directly related to COVID-19 and innovative solutions to infection control. We want to focus on this aspect first.

There are many important solutions that support keeping the patients out of the hospitals which as such is a very important measure. This is however not in our current focus.

We have established collaboration with a couple of digital health networks to share and disseminate the information we find.

We have created this group on linkedin to nurture the discussion. The group is intended for decision makers in healthcare, HTA bodies and companies involved in developing solutions as well as investors. We will only allow for constructive discussion about ways to innovate and find solutions to move the topic forward.

Wish you all happy weekend!

This is the current status of our analysis. We will update as we get new information.