R-RCT from the Obesity registry resolve uncertainty about comparative effectiveness
28 Apr 2024

In the recently published BEST trial(1,2), a Registry-based Randomized Clinical Trial (R-RCT), they answered the uncertainty of comparative efficacy and safety for two surgical interventions.

Based on this study, including 1735, it was possible to demonstrate that both procedures have a low perioperative risk without clinically significant differences between groups(2).

The registry has been used for scientific research since the start of 2007, resulting in more than 150 scientific publications. There has been a continuous effort to ensure the high quality of the data. This was also demonstrated in two studies (3,4) assessing the coverage of the registry compared to the national patient registry and the data quality. The registry includes 294 variables (5) with 99.0 % exact agreement based on a review of 100 200 unique entries(3).

“Results from the Scandinavian Obesity Surgery Registry: A narrative review(5)” gives an excellent overview of the registry.

The utilisation of a pragmatic trial design in combination with a well-established, high-quality registry gives credible scientific results to important questions.

We have previously developed a health-economic model(6) based on data from the registry, which was later adapted to several other countries (7–13). 


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