New project: Disruptive healthcare companies using AI and impact on healthcare delivery?
13 Feb 2019

There are great hopes that new ways of using healthcare data in combination with artificial intelligence will drastically improve the delivery of health care in the future.

Do we really understand what the change will be and how it will impact the current delivery of health care?

We are making an attempt to provide a partial answer to this question in a recently launched project.

We want to identify new innovative companies, where AI has a significant role in the function of the solutions which will have significant impact on today’s health care:

  • By reducing the cost, either for a specific process such as applying AI in review of imaging and reducing the cost of radiologist or by impacting the overall cost for the management of a disease true a smarter approach.
  • By improving clinical outcomes relevant to the patient.

The project will have the following steps:

  • Identifying potential companies
  • Early review and categorization of the companies to select the companies who will bring the most disruptive solutions regarding impact on cost and clinical outcomes.
  • Development of questionnaire to companies
  • Engagement with companies
  • Finalizing analysis

We are thankful for the support we get from our two Health Economists who carries out this project. Click on their name to get to their linkedin profile. 

These are the companies we have identified so far. The list will we be updated as we identfy more companies.