Finnish Real World-World data sources – National registries
05 Oct 2022

Finnish Real World-World data sources – National registries Finland provides a broad range of national Real-World-Data set that can be utilized for research.

Below is a summary of the most essential data-sets, including links to additional information about each data-set. Similar to the other Nordic countries, the data can be seamlessly linked between the different registries.

If you are interest to learn more about the potential utility of these registries, don’t miss this upcoming webinars:

Registry name

Brief description

Coverage from:

Care Register for Health Care Hilmo (THL)

Data on the activities of health centres, hospitals and other institutions providing inpatient care and on the clients treated in them as well as on home-nursing clients.


Register of primary health care visits

Register of Primary Health Care Visits (avoHILMO)

Outpatient primary health care, i.e. health care that does not require hospitalization

Home care, i.e. health care and medical treatment given at the patient’s home


Finnish Cancer registry

National registry of all the diagnosed cancer cases


The Drug Reimbursement Register (Kela)

Data on reimbursed medicines delivered from pharmacies.


Drug Prescription Center (Kela)

Data on all prescribed medicines and renewal of prescriptions.


Twin Study**

The Twin study cohort consist of longitudinal data collected by questionnaires and interviews, done in minimum of four waves covering over three decades, and data and samples collected during several sub-studies.


The Cause of Death Register (Statistics Finland)

National registry on causes of death.


Care register for basic care Avohilmo (THL)

Up-to-date subset of Hlmo useful for monitoring healthcare service usage, availability of care, population health and epidemic control, health promotion and care standards.


Birth register

Data on all births with birth weight of more than 500 grams and gestation of 22 weeks of more.


* Complete coverage from 2017 ** multiple large twin cohorts, see web page for coverage More information: • Extensive list of Finnish registries: Data resources - Data resources catalogue (