European payer readiness for patient-centric care: Case study of digital health in Dementia / Alzheimer’s
07 Aug 2019

Early in 2019, Synergus RWE conducted an exploratory internal project analysing current digital health solutions for Dementia / Alzheimer’s disease. The primary objective of this project was to develop an understanding of how digital health is changing and improving the disease management process.  

Findings from this project revealed that digital health companies are putting patients at the centre of care with solutions engaging them in the disease management process. Many of the solutions identified are shifting the focus away from treatment and towards prevention, diagnosis and patient care. 

From this shift in perspective there is an obvious question which must be answered: are healthcare payers ready for patient-centric health care? 

In the hopes of answering this question, Synergus RWE has started a new internal project evaluating the readiness of European payers to support patient-centric digital health care.  

Using digital solutions in Dementia / Alzheimer’s as a case study, the project will evaluate the readiness of reimbursement systems in France, Germany and England to support patient-centric health care.  

The project will involve the following steps: 

  • Classify digital health companies into categories representing the majority of patient-centric solutions. 
  • Develop reimbursement frameworks for France, Germany and England to understand whether these different categories fit into current payment schemes. 
  • Review recent policy changes and initiatives in European reimbursement, to assess current perspectives on payment for patient-centric digital health care.  
  • Develop a questionnaire for payers and engage with them on the topic of reimbursement for patient-centric digital health tools.  
  • Finalise analysis and report findings. 

As patients become increasingly involved in the disease management process thanks to digital health care, this project will provide key insights into whether European reimbursement systems are prepared for this transition. These insights will be used to identify the market access challenges and opportunities for digital health companies with a patient-centric perspective. 

Progress updates on this project will be posted on the Synergus RWE website and LinkedIn group where you are welcome to join and share any feedback / comment regarding the work.  

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