Do we know what the problem is that we are trying to solve regarding the COVID-19 Pandemic?
27 Mar 2020

Do we know what the problem is that we are trying to solve regarding the COVID-19 Pandemic?

This question may at first sound offensive; isn’t it obvious?

The obvious things which are important:

  • Traditional health care
    • Finding a vaccine and cure for COVID-19
    • Prevent people who are severely affected by the virus from dying.
  • Public / societal health
    • Ability to identify, diagnose and quarantine those affected by the virus
    • Preventive measures to avoid the spread of the virus

The first two issues are traditional health care issues, where the solutions are drugs, vaccines, devices or diagnostics, and there are measures already on the way to address this. The absence of these solution creates an unprecedented constraint on the healthcare system and healthcare workers.

I would suggest that we have a rather limited understanding of how we should effectively address the public / societal health issues, which have a very different complexity and context. For this, there is the potential to work with digital solutions as a stand-alone or in combination with diagnostics.  I have had discussions with experts in several countries working with these questions on a strategic level and they are all struggling to understand how to articulate the need we have to effectively address this.

When we look at the diversity of solutions identified in our analysis, they address very different problems. Which problems are the right ones to address?

I find the ability to do self-testing attractive on a personal level. But like many diagnostic solutions, the question is what to do with the information. You should quarantine? This is already recommended for those showing symptoms. If the issue is to help people quarantine when they show symptoms, maybe this can be accomplished with other means through digital symptom tracking along with educational information.

Maybe it is more important to know who has established immunity in order to release them to normal life in society.

If it is as some recent reports suggest, that there is a large group already infected that have not yet recognized the infection, it would be important to test the asymptomatic to ensure that those who are infected are quarantined.

Has anyone seen anyone seen a comprehensive overview of the public / societal health problems that we have in relation to COVID-19, preferably providing a ranking of importance?

We believe it is essential to start to work strategically to understand this issue so that we can identify the solutions that will fully address this problem.

We are looking for people and organizations that can help in this process. We are currently looking for:

  • Diagnostic company that can help classify and create a matrix of how to assess the value of different solutions
  • People/organizations skilled in communication
  • Experts in analyzing the public / societal health need
  • Scientific experts to contribute to the upcoming “virtual conference”
  • Funding to support this initiative.

We hope to soon launch a virtual conference with experts to discuss the current status of the different solutions in order to help bring clarity to this complex situation.

If you can support or help with any of this, please contact us.

We have started a Linkedin group to share information and create dialogue.  Please join if you can actively contribute.

This is the current overview of the more than 360 solutions we have identified.