Who can help develop a curriculum to make refugeeMDs more skilled in scientific work for HTA and Registry purpose?
08 Jan 2017

We are making an initiative to help a group of 12 MDs (Prof/ass. Prof) with different clinical backgrounds to find “consulting assignments” while they are waiting to waiting to qualify for clinical practice. A process that can take 1-2 years. #refugeeMD

Even though they have an extensive clinical and academic background, there are some concepts and methods that are used somewhat differently compared to their country of origin.

We are trying to develop a series of trainings to equip them to be more qualified for consulting assignments. Our focus, is initially regarding the different aspects relating to Market Access / HTA as well as registries and real world data.

Can you contribute with a lecture (pro-bono) in your area of expertise to help them?

In the first few days we have received encouraging response:

  • Nextlevelpharma has made the videos from the medical device and pharma event available free of charge for this group. Thank you.
  • 2 professors in Sweden have agreed to provide lectures regarding the use of Swedish registries and HTA processes.

Who is next to help?

Contact mattias.kyhlstedt@synergus.com if you are able to contribute.