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refugeeMD – An opportunity to help a professor / associate professor in asylum process
06 Jan 2017

A few weeks ago, I got in contact with a group of 12 Medical Doctors (associate professors/professors) who had to flee their country. They arrived in Sweden 4 months ago and have initiated the process to be certified for the medical profession in Sweden. This process will however likely take 1-2 years. In the meanwhile, they cannot work in their profession.

We are now evaluating if there would be an interest from industry, academia, HTA to offer these colleagues an opportunity to do different type of assignments such as literature reviews, research or other ways of using their clinical expertise. If there is an interest, we will arrange the logistics so that this can be arranged as a consulting service where your organisation will be invoiced for the cost of their work. Either as a fixed price for an assignment or on time based, depending on the support you request.

They have the following specialities: Cardiology, General/Oncology surgery, Radiology, Psychiatry, Urology,

If you are interested, please drop me a note at

We would like to develop a curriculum to provide an introductory training to HTA processes and are looking for HTA employees and Academics who are willing to provide training session.

If this attempt should work, we will need your support to share this with those who you think may be able to support this initiative.

If you live in Sweden, these doctors would very much appreciate the possibility to visit and see the clinical work here. Contact me for introduction.

Mattias Kyhlstedt (CEO)


refugeeMD – An opportunity to help a professor / associate professor in asylum process | Synergus


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