Disease Management Tools for disease management in Alzheimer / Dementia
27 Dec 2018

We are currently doing an exploratory internal project together with a pharma company to evaluate innovative disease management tools within Alzheimer / Dementia. This includes different typs of diagnostics, wearables, e-health, AI etc. 

We do not have any external financing for this, but support from an intern from the Health Economic program at Karolinska Institute.

We will share the progress about the project as we move along. Register for our newsletter if you are interested to stay updated.

These are the first round of potential companies we have identified (as of January 2nd 2019). Please contact us if we have missed any companies:

Company link
AgenT http://www.agent-biotech.com/
Altodia http://www.altoida.com/
Alzheimer's drug discovery foundation https://www.alzdiscovery.org/research-and-grants/diagnostics-accelerator
Avalon AI http://avalonai.strikingly.com/#1
Brain Plus http://www.brain-plus.com/
Cambridge cognition http://www.cambridgecognition.com/
Canary Speech http://www.canaryspeech.com/
Carealia http://carealia.gr/
Careband https://carebandremembers.com/
Cerebain Biotech http://www.cerebain.com/ 
Cognifit https://www.cognifit.com/
Cognoptix http://www.cognoptix.com/
Cogntivity https://www.cognetivity.com/
Darmiyan https://www.darmiyan.com/
Evidation https://evidation.com/
Geras solution https://gerassolutions.com/
Jodacare https://www.jodacare.com/
KI-elements http://ki-elements.de/meet-delta
Maxwell plus https://maxwellplus.com/
Mcare watch https://mcarewatch.com.au/
Medoptions https://www.medoptionsinc.com/memory-care-facility/
Mindmate app https://www.mindmate-app.com/
Neotiv https://neotiv.com/en/
Neuo Bio http://www.neuro-bio.com/
Neuro Catch https://neurocatch.com/
Neuronix http://www.neuronixmedical.com/
Neurotrack https://neurotrack.com/
Neurovision https://neurovision.com/
Optina Diagnostics http://optinadx.com/
Posthcard http://posthcard.eu/
Pre Diagnostics AS http://pre-diagnostics.com
Really https://really.ai/
Retispec http://retispec.com/
Seqster https://seqster.com/
Tweri http://www.tweri.com/home.aspx
Unforgettable https://www.unforgettable.org/
Upbyte http://www.upbed.co/
Winterlight labs https://winterlightlabs.com/
Ybrain http://www.ybrain.com