Webinar: HTA evaluation of e-health solutions
21 Feb 2019, 16:00 CET


In this webinar we will receive an introduction to the “Model for ASsessment of Telemedicine applications (MAST), developed based on the EUnetHTA model to address the important questions of how to assess telemedicine applications. MAST is the most widely used framework for assessment of telemedicine in Europe. Even though the definition is telemedicine, it has a broader potential implication in different type of e-health applications. Dr Krisitian Kidholm was the lead researcher behind this model and has since then been directly and indirectly involved in several projects that have utilized the technology.


Kristian Kidholm is the head of research at CIMT – Center for Innovative Medical Technologies at Odense University Hospital in Denmark, the largest research center for telemedicine in Denmark (www.cimt.dk). He is also associate professor in health economics at University of Southern Denmark. Since 2010 he has participate as working package leader in a large number of national and international telemedicine technology assessments, e.g. MethoTelemed, Patient@home, Renewing Health and United4Health.