We are continuously aiming to do projects in the company that address a topic that we find important. These projects are typically done together with a student who is either working as an intern or doing their master thesis. If you are a student, you can click here if you are interested.

Most often, we do not receive any external funding for these projects.

The aim is that these projects should provide value for different stakeholders in the healthcare system and hopefully trigger a dialogue.

Below is a summary of the recent / on-going projects with links to the relevant information / results for each project.

Project Status over-
Alzheimer / Dementia –
Mapping Innovative Disease Management Tools  
Done  Link Blogs
Alzheimer / Dementia – 
Reimbursement for future Disease Management Tools
Starting - -
Digital solutions for mental health Finalization Link Blogs
Digital solutions in Africa On-going Link Blogs
Digital solutions in Oncology engaging the patient On-going Link Blogs
Eating well to prevent and reverse disease Starting Link -
Data science in Oncology On-going Link Blogs