Overview of the French data-set and how it can be used for Real World Evidence
21 Nov 2019, 16:00 CET

This webinar aims to give a brief overview of the French National Health Insurance database, so-called Sniiram. This database contains health reimbursement data, both for in- and out-patient care, for almost all the French population. It can be supplemented with linked datasets to provide longitudinal, representative French health data. It is supposed to be one of the largest in the world of that kind. Specifically, the presentation will include a presentation of the key data, type of studies, access to the data and costs.


Speaker: Benoît Thomé, Founder and CEO of Median Conseil

Benoît graduated from the French HEC business school, then lead a successful career in the healthcare industry as a market research specialist. Around15 years ago, he founded Median Conseil. The company is  dedicated to healthcare statistics specifically in the field of the French National Health Insurance database. Median Conseil works for pharmaceutical companies, academic researchers and healthcare professional trade-unions.