The new German Digital Reimbursement Act (DVG) – The most important opportunity for digital solutions (globally)?
10 Dec 2019, 08:30 CET
H2 Health Hub (Hälsingegatan 45, Stockholm)


The new German Digital Reimbursement Act (DVG) – The most important opportunity for digital solutions (globally)? 

With the new legislation for national reimbursement of digital solutions, Germany has become the single largest market opportunity for reimbursed digital solutions. With one national decision it will be possible to establish national reimbursement for your digital solution!  

The key criteria for the scope of reimbursable products are:  

  • Medical device class I or IIa under the new MDR (with transitional rules)
  • Main function relies on digital technologies 
  • Intended use is centered around the patient, possible to include the doctor 

You can read more about the background here


  • Description of formal the pathway for the DIGA – The new pathway for digital reimbursement in Germany 
    • This includes a description of the background to the legislation, what has been defined thus far and the expected timelines for the next steps.  
  • Strategic preparation to support the decision-maker to select and promote the best solutions – Crucial insights to shape the agenda for your digital solution. 
    • From what is known about the legislation today, there is limited methodological framework in place to support the decision-maker on how to assess and reimburse the most relevant solutions.  

The new pathway creates valuable opportunity, however, the development of an appropriate methodological framework is crucial for society as well as for those companies who have solutions with a relevant value in the healthcare system, to prevent solutions with little or no value from entering the system.  

Synergus RWE have developed a methodological framework to support decision-makers to select the most valuable solutions and the methods to evaluate the effect. From an industry point, utilising this framework can create better predictability in the rather undefined landscape / process, but more importantly create a protection against solutions which cannot demonstrate meaningful value.  

Speaker: Mattias Kyhlstedt, CEO and founder of Synergus RWE is a thought leader on digital, medical devices and diagnostic market access and the use of real world evidence for decision making. He also has broad experience of this field, across Western Europe. 

  • Location: H2 Health Hub at Hälsingegatan 45, Stockholm. 
  • Date: 10 December, 8.30
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