Market Access and Emerging role of Diagnostics HTA’s in Europe
03 Oct 2019, 16:00 CEST

The operating environment for In Vitro Diagnostics (IVD) is changing rapidly and getting more complex. Regulators and Payers are increasing policy scrutiny, diagnostic solutions require more and better clinical evidence and digital diagnostic solutions challenge the status quo. On the other hand, health care systems face significant cost pressure, innovation cycles are getting shorter and solutions more technologically advanced.

This Webinar will explore how Health Technology Assessments for diagnostics play an ever-growing role in this transition. The talk will briefly cover:

  1. IVD’s in hospitals use and the DRG system - Mattias
  2. Comparing HTA results for IVDs in Germany, France, and the UK - Mattias
  3. Cover the key trends leading to more Diagnostics HTA's in Europe - Norbert
  4. Compare 5 diagnostics relevant to HTA practices on policy, scientific and country-level - Norbert
  5. Highlight some interesting examples for future trends - Norbert
  6. Interactive Q&A


  • Norbert Farkas, Founder and managing partner of CENTIVIS
  • Mattias Kyhlstedt, CEO and founder of Synergus RWE

About Norbet Farkas: Norbert Farkas is the Founder & Managing Partner of CENTIVIS, a Boutique (Digital) Diagnostics Market Access and Health Policy consulting firm, based in Switzerland. Prior to starting his own firm, Norbert supported multiple innovative pharmaceutical, vaccines and in-vitro diagnostics product launches from the access and policy perspectives at Novartis and Roche Global Headquarters in Switzerland. He started his career at the European Parliament. By serving global, life-science innovation leaders in pricing, reimbursement, health economics, and policy functions he had a unique chance to distill the essence of capturing and communicating the value of medical innovation. With CENTIVIS, he and his passionate team aspire to share this experience with you.

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