E-health the intersection of complex market access and real-world evidence

Throughout the years we have developed a comprehensive knowledge of market access for different types of devices and diagnostics in different care settings from home care to specialized care in hospitals.

This knowledge gives as a unique knowledge how to find the right pathway for e-health solutions, which sometimes can fit in to existing pathways but where there many times are no existing national pathways to establish reimbursement and funding. We can help you identify what can be done across Europe.

For many e-health solutions, similar to diagnostics, it is essential to evaluate the effectiveness in a real world – setting for a couple of reasons:

  • Compared to traditional trials of interventions (drugs / devices) there is a more significant impact of confounding factors which are difficult to capture in a traditional trial, such as organizational and behavioral aspects.
  • Many times, the value will come from the impact in the disease pathway which will require a more comprehensive data collection of a longer period of time than what typically can be carried out in a traditional clinical trial.

With our knowledge in real world evidence and available data sources we can help you develop a strategy how to leverage existing data sources to optimize your clinical strategy.

Our combined knowledge in complex market access and real-world evidence in Europe makes us the optimal partner to support the introduction of your e-health solution.

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